Carewave is a Seattle based medical device company with a variety of therapeutic and relief solutions for users everywhere. The Soovu is a flagship electrotherapy device that uses controlled heat flows for nerves stimulation, facilitating treatment ranging from immediate to long term.The Soovu app aims to give users full control of devices ranging from session management to tracking and charting of pain results.



Product Designer

Product Thinking, Information Architecture, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping


Ojieame Onimiya, Matt Wolfe

May - Jul 2019

Early insights from stakeholders

We quickly established from Carewave that there were two groups of users the device was built to cater for , and the Soovu app had to be designed for daily use across the spectrum for the body pain needs of both groups

Casual User

This group includes athletes and workout users that exert pressure on certain muscles and joints, and would like to feel relief during or after the activity.

Chronic Pain User

This group includes patients diagnosed with chronic pain and patients undergoing treatment for medical procedures as an alternative to using drugs to cope.

We decided to visualise this two groups into two concepts, so as to give us insights into a solution that will be better designed for both groups of users.


Smart Pain Relief


Soovu is a device for pain relief with a companion app that controls it and includes progress tracking and pain management tips.

Tactile, tunable, vibrant, quantitative, proactive.

Analog Wellness


Soovu is a comprehensive pain relief solution utilizing personalized coaching and a customizable wearable device.

Revitalizing, ambient, reassuring thoughtful, soothing.

Concept A Design

For the first concept we understood what would be vital for the user would be speed and ease of use, to aid in device use during a workout sessions, and also a way to easily track and view core device use statistics, so we designed out the concept into wireframes and a quick prototype to validate our ideas and get some feedback.

 intial prototype
 intial ui design exploration

Concept B Design

Realising that most of the users in this group would require some sort of daily regiment, with key emphasis on relief progression, we opted for a more personalised companion feel to this concept which we designed  into wireframes and a quick prototype to validate our ideas and get some feedback.

 intial prototype
 intial ui design exploration


By testing the two concepts for users that fell in both categories, we were able to narrow the product need to some features that seemed essential for both groups of users. How easy it was to start a session, how easy it is to control a running session, a way to track daily usage and sessions across devices, also a fast support system module to help with daily use.

We focused on realising these features with five process flows

Session Setup
Device Management
Session Management
Activity Management


This required a happy path for account creation considering the number of devices that could be seen using the phone Bluetooth, to include detection, pairing and tips for body placements, serving as continuous walkthrough to the beginning of your first session.

 onboarding process

Session SetUp

Setting up a session, we looked at multiple iterations for layouts that help the user accomplish three basic functions -

Pain Location and Intensity
Device Selection and Placement
Session Customisation

The goal was to provide a consistent experience that allows a basic level of data collection and experience customisation, whilst remaining a quick way to access process.

Session Management

Managing a session involves taking the user through the process of the electrotherapy in a visually reassuring view. To help the user with informational context about the state of the devices and tracking of  time spent during the session.It  should allow easy and fast control over temperature settings and exiting of each session.

Activity Management

Given the sensitive nature of data collection, one of our major tasks was designing a process that gives full access to the users sessions over any period of time at the same time provides the option to opt out of data collection entirely.

We designed multiple data stats modules but decided ultimately on the user being able to track his sessions, as well as track the before and after relief state of each across a period of time.

Device Management

An overview of your total device history and inventory. We categorise the different locations of the devices and their current state, whilst giving them the ability to claim foreign devices and pair owned devices.

Final Interface Design

The Digital branding of the Soovus was curated by a Seattle based design agency, and they provided us with digital assets and tone of which the brand represents. We sought for consistency in the UI Design, harmony and designed an interface that made the user relax with an overall soft feel .

Carefully integrating the brand into the interface design and by spending time designing multiple micro-interactions, we were able to tailor the user experience to one that delights and soothes.

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